Consulting Services

We’re here to help you with your Crypto projects and understanding the tax aspects around digital assets. We also go a step further to help advise you on your future projects with our team of experts.

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How We Help

When it comes to cryptocurrency taxation and achieving the best financial outcome, our team of experts can engage with you and your situation to guide you. We then go further than this to understand your goals and projects – where we can advise and help you grow with our resources at your disposal.

60 minute 1:1 tax consultation

$300 / 0.08 Eth

  • Discussing what’s taxable and what’s not
  • Tax implications for holding and trading different kinds of digital assets
  • Advise on strategies you can implement to minimize the tax you pay on gains
  • Tax Planning

Tax Calculation

Starting at $300 / 0.08 Eth

  • Calculate your gains or losses on your crypto trading to be included in your tax return

Business/Project Advisory

Starting at $1,000 for a consultation / 0.2 Eth

  • Discuss structure of Project
    • Benefits of using a Trust or a Company
  • Discuss roles of key parties ie control, asset protection
  • Business Plans
  • Corporate Governance
  • Budgets
  • Key Performance Measures
  • Remuneration structures
    • Engaging with overseas contractors / contributors
    • Non cash remuneration ie paying contributors with cyrpto/NFT/other community benefits 
  • Exchange Rate Risk

Tax Return

Starting at $400 + GST / 0.1 Eth

  • Benefit from expert tax agent checks, which minimizes the risk of ATO issues and increases your tax refund
  • No need to stress about missing PAYG or Income Statements – our team can locate them for you
  • Rest assured that your return is being handled by a registered tax agent
  • Direct electronic submission to the ATO for seamless processing
  • Receive live assistance from experienced tax accountants, available through online chat and phone call
  • Fast and straightforward online tax return filing for the financial year
  • Maximize your tax refund with our expertise and guidance

Crypto Consulting Packages

So you’ve got Crypto assets, maybe some Bitcoin, Ethereum, a few NFT’s and some other small alt-coins. Over the last year, some have gone up in value, some down, and you’ve bought and sold along the way. With that activity, comes tax implications. These might not even be negative ones. If you’ve lost value in currencies, that may even qualify as a tax offset – saving you cash. But ultimately, this is where we come in. We can help you:

    • Ensure you are paying the most efficient amount of tax
    • Make sure you meet all of your obligations
    • Plan your tax obligations for next year to reduce them
    • Work with you to make your next crypto project a reality
    • So much more. Chat with us to learn about all the ways we help.